About Us

Joe Jackson’s Dog World Inc.
Located in Jemison, Alabama

Joe Jackson's Dog World Inc. is a 10 acre dog park where people can come and bring their pets and just have a relaxing time with their dogs.  It will also have an RV park hopefully by the spring of 2014.  Also in the plans are horse trails so we can hopefully create a unique outdoor experience for everyone. It will also encompass a Dog Rescue; including a sanctuary building built on the property in which there will be a two bedroom/ 1 bath apartment, an inside and outside dog training facility, and a muti-purpose/bathing area. On the main floor, there are runs for the rescue dogs.  At night, they will be housed in dens located there.  Each rescue will have a den, in which they’ll sleep and have cover from the elements, and a run, in which they will be able to move around and experience the day, when not in the dog park.

Joe Jackson's Dog World Inc. is a no-kill dog sanctuary.

We ask for your help and support. Joe Jackson's Dog World Inc. will be run on donations and needs support to continue.  We’ve had to slow down work on the RV park because of low donation intake. I would ask you to consider donating a little of your resources, time, or money. We already have over 30 dogs, that all need attention and good homes. Nevertheless, we are dedicated and we would like your support. Any little bit helps. If you are willing to give, volunteer, foster or adopt, all are welcome. Please explore the site and check out the pups looking for a good home. Thank you for your support!