Monday, February 27, 2012


BLAZE was adopted this weekend and was going straight to meet
all of his extended family at a family reunion.
His new family has two boys who play soccer, so he has an active life ahead of him!
May you have many happy years together.


Jewel found her forever home this weekend too.
Thanks to Robyn and her family for bonding with Jewel
and making her one of their family!


Pjay was also adopted this weekend!  He had just arrived
at the rescue and already found a family wanting to give him a forever home.
Way to go Pjay!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adoptions, Adoptions & MORE ADOPTIONS!

A week ago (last Saturday) MAGGIE (one of the walker hound sisters) was adopted at our Tractor Supply Adoption event!  On Friday we saw Maggie with her new daddy at our Petsmart Adoption.  We could easily see that Maggie LOVES her new daddy (who is not the young boy you see in the picture).  We are so happy that Maggie has her FOREVER home!!!

But that's not all....
Today at our Tractor Supply adoption event, both Skye and Eudora found their forever homes too!


Congratulations to Maggie, Skye & Eudora...,
and to all of their new mommies & daddies! 
We wish you all many years together.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hachi's been adopted!

Hachi captured the hearts of Joni & Clint and has gone to live with them.  I am so happy for Hachi, and hope he gives his new family much happiness too.  Will miss you Hachi, but I know you'll be over for a visit from time to time, so I will look forward to those times ahead!


Duncan was adopted last Saturday at the Alabama Pet Food Adoption Clinic!  Many thanks to Marjo for choosing to give Duncan his forever home! 

Friday, February 3, 2012


STARR came to us this week.  He is supposedly only 9 weeks old from what we were told by the man who brought him to us, but he is a HUGE PUPPY!  Because of his size, we think he probably has Pyrenese or Mastiff in him.


We are happy to inform you that Baby, one of the pek/pom puppies; and Sapphire, a boxer mix who had been with the rescue since last May, have both found their forever homes!  And if you look closely at Sapphire, her expression on her face is proof positive that SHE THINKS SHE"S GONE TO HEAVEN!  Enjoy your heaven on earth with your new mom and dad Sapphire!

This is Baby